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Beautiful Usedom island

The island of Usedom – the place to be varied and interesting

Germany’s most sunny island. Usedom seaside resorts thread out along the island’s beaches like pearls on a chain - each one more impressive than the next. Venturing a little way inland reveals woods where the winter struggle with the wind has left its mark - it soon becomes apparent what makes the isle a holiday paradise. Towards the end of the last century the aristocracy and nobility, especially those from the cities, could already be seen basking in the summer sun on the narrow strip of land lapped by the Baltic Sea and wash. Over the space of a few years quiet fishing villages were transformed into elegant, indeed exclusive centres of pleasure based on the European model and the island become »the bathtub of Berlin«. Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin were even occasionally honoured to welcome Wilhelm II, which is why they still have the appellation of »Royal bathing resorts«.

Everywhere on the island attempts have been made to recapture the image of those booming early days and cultivate the nostalgic charm of yesteryear. The lovingly restored façades front comfortable hotels and cosy guest houses. These have been supplemented by modern health facilities and, for example, the Baltic Sea spa in Heringsdorf - a bathing complex with numerous therapeutic amenities. The cycle path that runs parallel to the beach and the lush hinterland with its patchwork of blue lakes provides just what the holidaymaker needs to pursue active relaxation.

By the way, Vineta is said to lie on the seabed off the coast of the island. At least that what people have believed so far. Scientists conjecture that this once opulent cosmopolitan city of this world lies in the shallow waters off the coast of Barth. It is undisputed, however, that Vineta’s inhabitants were originally affluent, then profligate and finally godless. Which was why a heaven-sent storm tide engulfed the decadent city. Today it reappears every summer - in a colourful spectacle on the Zinnowitz stage. Many health resort concerts staged as part of the Usedom music festival provide bathers across the whole island refined and uplifting entertainment during September.


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